Christ Church Anglican


Christ Church Anglican was founded in 1984. Our city was deep in a depression, and a group of young families banded together to preach good news to the poor.

In those early years this new community became known as a people who genuinely loved one another and loved their neighbor, a value we still aspire to today.

Over the years, Christ Church Angican has baptized men and women, new members have been born, old ones died, we’ve built buildings, and watched them burn down.  At the end of the day we are are simply a community bound together by our pursuit of following the man, Jesus. In Him, we find our identity, and our mission.


Luke Miller, Senior Pastor

Luke serves as the lead pastor for Christ Church Anglican. He is married to Lauren, they have a son, Levi, and when he’s not brushing up on his sermon, he’s probably noodling on his telecaster in the garage.


Lauren Miller, Worship Pastor

Lauren serves as Christ Church Anglican’s worship pastor. She loves leading people into the peaceful place of God’s presence through creativity and music. She has a dog, Linus, and enjoys Michael Scott’s character in The Office.


Michael Good, Children’s Pastor

Michael is a gifted servant that connects with the younger folk. His goofy attitude and southern draw help him connect quickly. With a heart filled with love, he’s a perfect fit in our children’s pastor role. Michael is married to Kristen, and father of Eliza and Caroline.


The core of Anglican belief is revealed in Scripture and affirmed in the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds.

In concert with the Nicene Creed the Anglican church seeks to be:

One We are connected to one another and connected to all faithful churches—both Anglican and non-Anglican—around the world and across time. We have a formal connection to all churches in the Anglican Communion (churches in 164 countries with about 77 million members).

Holy We believe that the church is set apart for God’s purposes, by God’s grace, which is given to us in Christ Jesus.

Catholic Rather than referring to the Roman Catholic tradition, we use the word “catholic” in the sense of being united to what has been believed by Christians always and everywhere.

Apostolic We recognize the continuity of the church from the time when Jesus’ first apostles lived. Our faith is handed down to us from the apostles. We celebrate the richness of God’s enduring truth and seek wisdom to apply it in all kinds of contexts.

The worldwide Anglican Communion is formally united by bishops that represent mostly geographical areas called dioceses.